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We know that every business needs to compete effectively online. That's why we created Magento Go, our hosted eCommerce solution for small businesses with big ambitions.

Magento Go offers the power and flexibility of Magento – the platform chosen by many of the world's most respected brands – at a price that every business can afford.

  • Premium Hosting
  • Flexible Design
  • Powerful Marketing Tools
  • Magento Connect "App" Store
  • 24/7 Support
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Meet Some of Our Successful Store Owners

  • "Page rank has improved. Conversion has improved. Customers are using the social media tab to make pages viral, so customers are happy to recommend the site to others."
    Sarah Taona Weeks  |  Read the Full Interview See More Customer Reviews
  • "I recommend Magento Go for business owners who are trying to sell their products online. The platform is flexible, powerful, and easy to use, and you can start as big or small as you like."
    Kim Lim  |  Read the Full Interview See More Customer Reviews
  • "Traffic increased by 25% almost immediately."
    Linda Zingg   |  Read the Full Interview See More Customer Reviews
  • " is our "retirement" plan. Our goal is to provide a comfortable living for ourselves. It is already replacing one income in our home and has shown potential to give us all we need."
    David Youngdahl  |  Read the Full Interview See More Customer Reviews
  • "When we launched Super Cheap Coffee Machines it was supposed to be a side business but now we are actually having trouble keeping up with the orders and with the simple integration of live chat, our customer interactions are pushing us to expand."
    Najee Helwani  |  Read the Full Interview See More Customer Reviews
  • "The other solutions that I evaluated lacked either ease of customization or a rich set of functionality. Magento Go balanced both perfectly."
    Suresh Gadiraju  |  Read the Full Interview See More Customer Reviews
  • "Don't waste money on expensive web site designers. We went that route first and had a site that was not conducive to eCommerce. With Magento Go you will have total control over your site, you can make changes and edits any time and it's set up perfectly for eCommerce."
    Henry Zunino  |  Read the Full Interview See More Customer Reviews
  • "You don't need advanced technical skills to create a user friendly and search engine friendly webshop with a professional look and feel. A professional look and feel leads to trust and trust leads to an increase in sales."
    Anne-Pieter Strikwerda  |  Read the Full Interview See More Customer Reviews
  • "Magento Go gave us the chance to be very quick and effective with the project; it let us open our store and focus on content and marketing."
    Massimiliano Ventimiglia   |  Read the Full Interview See More Customer Reviews

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